Weddings are happy wonderful events. To make them look seamless and feel stress free,  it’s advised to have a Wedding Planner or day of Coordinator. Sooz is happy to help with making sure your day is exactly as you’ve dreamed.

A wedding can take a year to plan, with reserving venues, booking bands, and creating a plan for the big day! Sooz can guide you through this process and take the stress out of the picture. You will feel satisfied that everything has been well thought out and taken care of so that you feel relaxed and happy on the day!


I hired Sooz to be our day-of wedding coordinator for our early March wedding at Green Valley Farm + Mill in Sebastopol. She was instrumental in making it what our friends and family called “The BEST wedding ever!” As a former event planner myself, I felt comfortable sourcing vendors and pulling together the details of catering, floral, music and ceremony, but knew I needed to hand them off to someone I could trust for the big day. We had 3-4 phone calls in the months leading up to the wedding. Two weeks prior, life started to unravel. My husband’s mom had emergency surgery and wouldn’t be able to fly, nor would the rest of his family be able to attend due to illness. We were crushed. We also had a job loss that necessitated scaling back our photography, Shabbat dinner and brunch plans. I called Sooz to bounce ideas and for moral support. She offered suggestions for a DIY dinner and brunch, and left me feeling confident that our capable community could support us in such a shifting and difficult time. She was right!

She arrived Friday afternoon to assist with setup and running the rehearsal, and was with us all day Saturday. She even stepped in to take some photos, which I really appreciated since we had to cancel our photographer to save money. Sooz is calm and collected, which had a ripple effect on me and all of our wedding party. She kept our timeline and made sure everything flowed seamlessly. Our wedding was positively epic!! We couldn’t have done it without her!
~ Rachelle Padgett

I feel so lucky to have met Sooz at the right time! 
Sooz was organized and kept me focused on different projects. Our wedding included a lot of DIY and friend/family help and she was able to help keep it all straight.
Sooz is fun, charismatic and composed. She will take your ideas and turn them into your dreams!
My husband and I had our dream wedding, in fact many guests remarked it was the most fun and most beautiful wedding they had every been to. That wouldn’t have been the case with out Sooz. She has the smarts, contacts and the resources to have made our wedding the dream day it was.
Thank you so much.
We now consider you so much more than our wedding coordinator, we consider you our friend
~ Christiana and Roman

My husband and I had decided we were going to plan our own wedding. How hard could it be?  A few weeks in we realized there were more details than we could think of or had the bandwidth to figure out.  After all when preparing to get married you want to be able to relax and get pampered a little.

As soon as Sooz stepped in to be our wedding planner I felt like I could take a deep breath.  She handled every detail with grace and ease.  Sooz was a friend, a guide and a deep support to my husband and myself.  I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a worthy wedding planner.  Thanks Sooz!
~ Beth Rachel

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