Gem & Jam Festival – 2020 success!

It was great working with Gem & Jam founders again, producing a large music and arts festival outside of Tucson in Arizona. This year’s event was the best so far for festival attendees with a resilient and cohesive team running the show.

Working with people who are dependable, kind to one another, upbeat and on point makes all the difference when it comes to everyone’s performance. We were a happy team, and I look forward to the next!

Here are some photos from the event.
photo credit: John Verwey, Sotrab and me!

Wrapping up Summer Fun!

With just one more festival on the horizon for SoozMusic and the Healing Oasis this year, we’re happy to take a couple of months off to regroup and make ready for 2020!

This has been an amazing season of events with weddings, festivals, Oases and workshops at:

Joshua Tree Music Festival , GuitarFish, OmRising , Monterey Jazz Festival, MBS Academy, Green Valley Farm & Mill and everywhere in between.

Gem & Jam Festival in Tucson, AZ will be the first event for us in 2020!

Thanks to all for a great year!



SonoMusette joins SoozMusic!

SoozMusic is extremely excited to welcome and introduce SonoMusette!

SonoMusette recaptures the moody, melancholic sound and spirit of mid twentieth-century Paris. Inspired by the great performers of the era, such as Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, and Django Reinhardt along with contemporary artists such as Zaz. This music has retained it’s power to charm and transport audiences, and SonoMusette taps that nostalgia with artistry in vocals and instrumentation.

The band features French singer Mimi Pirard whose renditions of these timeless French classics provide a freshness and excitement that is contemporary, yet faithful to the spirit and tradition of the original versions. Few singers are capable of doing justice to Piaf and Brel, and even fewer can match Pirard’s mesmerizing interpretation and powerful delivery. The band is comprised of period instrumentation featuring Robert Lunceford – accordion, Isaac Vandeveer – guitar and bass, Jan Martinelli – upright bass and piano, and Richard Andrews on drums.

If you would like to book SonoMusette at your event, please be in touch:


Another love knot tied!

What a beautiful day in the rural hills and dales of Sonoma County, California.  Blessed with blue skies and warm temperatures the bride and groom made their vows and inspired us all with their love for each other.

I love coordinating weddings and creating an experience for others to sit back and enjoy. In a perfect setting with a wonderful team this was a piece of cake!

Ahhhh, love rules again!

Who do you know that’s getting married and needs a hand? Let Sooz take care of all your wedding needs for a perfectly designed experience.

Brothers Gadjo @ Bowman Cellars

This Sunday, March 11th at 1PM, Brothers Gadjo will perform a free concert at Bowman Cellars in downtown Graton!

This is a sweet spot to have Sunday lunch and listen to some great tunes by Gabe Pirard, Chris Le Dief & Jimmy on Sax! (Original members of Dgiin)

Meet your friends there for the afternoon in the tiny hamlet of Graton, California. The garden is lovely, and if it rains the lounge inside is chic!

Bowman Cellars, 9010 Graton Road, Graton, CA 95444 – Bowman Cellars


Tumbleweed Soul!

Super stoked to welcome TUMBLEWEED SOUL to SoozMusic Agency!
Sweet vocals, guitar and ukelele from the lovely Stephanie Salva​ and Adam Walsh​ –

Tumbleweed Soul is an American roots project based in West 
Sonoma County, led by Stephanie Salva and Adam Walsh.  The pair have been rocking the West Coast music scene in various projects for over a decade, best known for their joint role in the beloved SF North Bay band the Jug Dealers.  With powerful harmonies and eclectic songwriting that is both familiar yet fresh, their growing catalogue of original songs reflects their love of the deep city juke joints and country shacks where Americana was born.  Jazz, Blues, R&B, Country, Funk, Soul, and Old Timey Traditionals all find a home at a Tumbleweeds show.

picture frame photo

Eclipsed out!

Wow, what a summer and an amazing Eclipse to culminate it with.  No words will describe the power of gathering at Oregon Eclipse to celebrate this once in a lifetime event.
I prayed and set intentions with 70,000 people from all over the world while the sun went dark and then came back to light again. It was incredibly powerful. I broke open as tears welled up and gently streamed down my cheeks from the sheer magnitude of emotions surrounding me.

Chief Black Fox had changed my mind about being superstitious of the eclipse, and I’m glad he did! While helping me carry a heavy box, he explained his cultural beliefs surrounding this eclipse, and it sounded like something I wanted to share with him and his tribe. I had no idea he was the Chief until later!

Rising Nomads have taken up most of my time this summer…….

Rising Nomads
Rising: in consciousness
Nomads: travelers

Rising Nomads are a collective of healing artists from all walks of life and various continents, who are inspired to serve as facilitators in healing.
We feel comfortable on the road, enjoying variable climates, landscapes and environments as we travel about.
We make ‘home’ wherever we are through the use of tactile and visual adornments creating pleasing use of spaces.
Rising Nomads are available to travel to events, festivals, gatherings, parties, clubs, meetings, conferences, summits, slums, ghettos, camps & homes to bring you their trade in the healing arts.
We are doctors, shamans, witches, wizards, healers, teachers, therapists, bodyworkers and light workers.
We are enthusiastically ready to rise to any occasion and HELP!”

This is where I feel inspired to put my energy now. SoozMusic will continue, and as a true Gemini I will work with, and as a Rising Nomad now, too. More to come on that later.

Meanwhile, SoozMusic is happy to welcome Barrio Manouche to the party! Barrio Manouche is an acoustic San Francisco-Based international Septet (Spain, Quebec, France, Brasil and California), playing music that will take you on a magical journey, frequently joined by artist from all over the globe.
This flamenco gypsy jazz ensemble has been recognized for its surprise concerts, innovative style, complex technique, and their passion for their musical improvisation. Check them out on the band page!

Barrio Manouche