Reggae on the River 2014

When we arrived at Reggae on the River it was 105 degrees and sweltering. The concert bowl was dusty as we moseyed through to the other side looking for a swimming hole to dip in and cool off. Worried there wouldn’t be enough water in the Eel River, we were delighted to find plenty enough to swim in and feel refreshed.

Once the sun began to go down, the crowd started coming out of their shade hideouts to rebel in Reggae and dance the night away.

All the music was fantastic. There was never a dull moment. One of my favorite new acts of the weekend was Meta and the Cornerstones.

Thanks Reggae on the River and Sol Solutions for a great weekend!

IMG_3547  The Crowd!IMG_3551  Jimmy Cliff

IMG_3582   GyptianIMG_3590  Israel Vibration

IMG_3518   EtanaIMG_3521   Haeli Sellasie & the Rasta LionIMG_3544   FishboneIMG_3569   IMG_3602  Alpha Blondy

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