Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks to everyone that supports live music and the bands who are motivated to travel to places far and wide to entertain us!

If you are in the Petaluma area this Thanksgiving, come to Zodiacs and join Highway Poets, Frankie Boots & the County Line, Marty O’Reilly and Dixie Giants on Wednesday, Nov. 26th. This is one heck of a show! The perfect way to start the long weekend and give THANKS 🙂

Then what better way to dance off those Thanksgiving goodies than dancing to Royal Jelly Jive at the Seahorse in Sausalito on Friday, Nov. 28th. Or you can catch Dgiin in San Francisco at the Milk Bar!

Saffell will be hitting the keys at the Milk Bar in San Francisco on Saturday, Nov. 29th.

Be sure to stop by the Milk Bar on Sunday, Nov. 30th for some serious dancing with La Mandanga!



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