Do you have a favorite concert?

It’s hard to have just one favorite as I’ve seen so many, but going to see The Police in 1979 at a small venue on the outskirts of London has to be near the top of my list. There could only have been about 80 of us, but the crowd felt much larger as we all blared out the words to Roxanne with Sting as our King. The room was boiling hot; Stuart drummed with sweat flying off him into the crowd. Andy kept it cool as Sting blew us away with his words and that voice.  Sneaking out of our posh boarding school to see the show had never been more worth it! We all knew these guys were going somewhere.

I left the venue feeling elated and part of the beginning of something. We were right. The Police exploded with hit after hit and the rest is history!


Welcome Blues Master, Tate Toussaint!



Blues – A blues master that was born a couple generations too late, London born Tate Toussaint is an epic story teller that puts a chill in your spine with his deep and powerful vocals, and his seemingly effortless guitar playing.  Reminiscent of early Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt and in some ways Woodie Guthrie, but with a style all of his own.

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