Welcome Blues Master, Tate Toussaint!

TATE TOUSSAINT – http://tatetoussaint.bandcamp.com


Blues – A blues master that was born a couple generations too late, London born Tate Toussaint is an epic story teller that puts a chill in your spine with his deep and powerful vocals, and his seemingly effortless guitar playing.  Reminiscent of early Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt and in some ways Woodie Guthrie, but with a style all of his own.

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Dysphunctional Species at Silos TONIGHT!

Get out of the rain with DSP tonight at Silos in Napa!
Alternative Soul – Dysphunctional Species is a poetically soulful cocktail with an electrifying and genuine chemistry that draws the listener in. Their 3 part harmonies and soulful beats are irresistible!



Adding awesome talent to the Roster!

I’m stoked to add these new acts to the roster of SoozMusic talent, FREE PEOPLES, JUNK PARLOR & SWEET BEAT PETITE! Check them out on the Bands & Dancers pages. The Roster is growing. Please make a comment on one of the pages of the newly finished WordPress website. Continue reading