Catch the Hootenanny Express!!

Yes, you can join a bus full of party goers and drive to S.F. and back for a great show at Slim’s on Thursday, Oct. 9th with ROYAL JELLY JIVE, HIGHWAY POETS & MARTY O’REILLY. 

Just think, you won’t have to worry about drinking and driving because someone else will be doing the driving! Just BYOB, and you’ll be able to get your party on before you even cross the bridge, and you can bring your friends. Even though the original bus has SOLD OUT! There are still tickets left on the second bus leaving at the same time, same place, for the same show!

Bus leaves Santa Rosa or Petaluma to Slim’s in San Francisco the evening of Thursday, Oct. 9th – Buy your tickets ASAP! This will sell out, and you’ll be bummed you didn’t get on the bus! –


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