Are you in the Mood for some good live music?

Well, you can catch Junk Parlor at Moody’s this Friday & Saturday (Nov. 17 & 18) in Truckee, CA.

These guys will keep you up sipping your drink way longer than you expected! Then you’ll want to return to catch the songs you missed the night before! 😉

Royal Jelly Jive will be coast side in Bolinas for a fun filled night at Smileys Schooner Saloon on Friday, Nov. 17th. Catch a gorgeous Californian sunset on the beach, then walk over to the show and be ready to dance the night away!

If you are in Sebastopol, you can catch Saffell & Hadley Hill at Aubergine on Friday, Nov. 17th! Two great acts for a great price: $8

Moodys copy




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